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We have created the number 1 taxi booking app, delivery bike app and Unmarked cars app that connects you to over 5000 of our services providers with the tap of a button. Easily request and pay for rides.

This app identifies your location so that the driver can find you quickly and easily even if you don`t know your exact address or location.

Step 1

Open the app and choose your location, it can be detected automatically. Alternatively, you can request a callback and tell our operators where to pick you up.

Step 2

Receive a callback or a confirmation message from our operators. You can track the location of your car as soon as you confirm the order with our taxi app.

Step 3

Meet the driver and enjoy the trip! You will also receive an automatic notification with the price for your trip and a discount for your next taxi service order.

About Us

Myghtaxi is a wholly-owned Ghanaian company with a focus on Information Technology services in the formal and informal sector. We are primarily geared towards providing specialised services through our partners (Package delivery Companies, Car rental companies, Local Taxi service and Unmarked Cars) for the citizenry at the most affordable rate. 

Fare Estimator gives you an estimate of the fare of taxi rides. Get your estimate before you leave, so you can travel with confidence. Take a look at the statistics to see what kind of trips and deliveries we make, and don`t hesitate to call us for more details.

Airport Transfer
School Pick-up
VIP / Normal Taxi Service
Shopping and Delivery



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Affordable Pricing

You move around the city without breaking your pocket.

Include Stops

Reach your final destination via multiple stops which you can add in the app itself.

Comfortable Rides

Our drivers are trained who drop you to your location with ease.

Schedule Rides

Not planning to ride now? We got that covered. Use "Ride Later" option to schedule your ride.

Safe & Secure

Trust us with your ride safety. We guarantee it for you.

Multiple Payment Modes

Pay using any method you want. Our app covers cash, wallet, etc.

Open the Cab service app on your Smartphone. You are automatically located via GPS. The ‚Cab Radar’ function shows you all available Cab nearby. You confirm your location with your first click. In ‚Booking Overview’, you can change your pick-up address manually and, if required, enter a destination. You can also specify your individual booking options here.


The next click confirms your address selection and your options, and you bindingly book a cab. Your driver is displayed with photograph, name, rating and remaining distance.

No, the booking continues even if you close the app. A push message is sent just before the Cab arrives. If you leave the app open, you can track the Cab’s arrival live on the map.

You register for Pay by App via the Cab booking app: Simply save the payment method of your choice (credit card, PayPal) once and you are ready for cashless and card-less payments for your cab straightaway. After the trip, a screen with a payment request is shown. You then verify your payment details and decide whether you wish to add a tip. You can also enter a voucher code. After successful verification, you are sent a message informing you of the successful transaction. Your receipt is then emailed to you.


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